Synergy of naturally renewable energy sources and gravity for clean energy production and environmentally friendly energy storage

The number of inventions concern a producing electric energy from renewable energy, characterised in that the following integrated operations, all functioning in synergy, are carried out: capturing renewable energy; using this renewable energy for compressing a gas(free air); storing this cold-pressed gas in underwater ballons; then reclaiming it (by natural gravity water pressure) in controlled manner; converting the energy derived from this reclaiming into mechanical energy by means of a mechanical device; converting said produced mechanical energy into electric energy. The inventions concern the number of high efficient devices:

1. Hydro kinetic energy machines
2. Solar energy machines
3. Wind energy machines
4. Gravity-boosted hydro-kinetic machines
5. Underwater elastic balloons with compressed air inflation (energy storage) and return of the compressed air from the natural gravitational pressure of the water

Synergy of renewable energies supplying smart E-grid + gravity boosted compressed air energy storage